Saturday, April 20, 2013
2XSALT Sports Arena
1900 Queens City Drive
Charlotte, NC 28208
Doors open @ 6:00pm

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Tommy Hill Boxing and Red Leather Sports, who brought ESPN back to North Carolina is primed to promote a night of excitement, intrigue, and significance as we will be raising awareness for the need to understand how to take control of your eternal salvation. This riveting evening of spiritual awareness through professional boxing is all to benefit our households as well as our communities! So, get ready… get set… and let's GO!!! … for Tommy Hill Boxing's THE REVIVAL ~ !!!

The night will be riddled with ultra competitive bouts. In a crowd pleasing rematch heavyweights Hassan Lee and Robert Dunton will go head to head in a most interesting battle. Lee had won 4 straight fights including his against Dunton before he suffered a loss to a Don King fighter his last time up. While Dunton has fought twice since his fight against Lee, he is 1 up and 1 down. The night of their first match was quite controversial while some thought Lee won, others thought Dunton won, and yet others felt it was a draw. Lee got the nod from the judges and agreed to take the rematch so nothing will be left to doubt. Dunton, very confident says he will beat Lee and do so convincingly in a manner not suitable to be repeated on this site! Both fighters need this win in order to establish themselves as a real threat in the Heavyweight division.

John "Spidey" Williams will grace the ring in a match filled with implications. Spidey will face Bryan "The Brick" Abraham who is undefeated against Carolina fighters having TKO'd Dominic DeSanto in the first round and KO'd James Hope in the 4th. The Brick has faced down 5 undefeated fighters without taking a loss and has no fear of the one they call Spidey! They call him The Brick because all of his wins have come by knockout and Abraham hits like a brick. Meanwhile Spidey says he has a chin of steal and will take Abraham's best if that is what it takes to get another win. So... the question is will Spidey get caught up in the knockout web of Abraham or will he spin his way to victory!!!

Thomas "Tay Tay" Brown will be in action Saturday, April 20th against one of Georgia's finest competitors Marcus Don Hall! Tay Tay will bring his electrifying crowd pleasing style while Hall will attempt to nullify the speed of Brown. This looks to be a chess match from the very beginning and as long as it lasts... This is one you don't want to miss!

Making his second professional fight is Matt "The Rock" Sredzinski! Matt a MMA fighter will display his skills in the squared circle instead of a cage. He will be rightly matched with a 3 fight veteran from Florida!

We have a total of 10 professional fights scheduled for the evening and expect to sell completely out. Purchase your tickets now and be sure to be part of THE REVIVAL!!!

If you are unable to make it personally we encourage you to sponsor a child by buying them a general admission ticket and help expose them to constructive ways to utilize all that "young" energy and witness how the Word of God has no bounds! So be prepared to give back to the community and take in a lot of action as we expect to see you ringside!!!

Tommy Hill
Red Leather Sports/ Tommy Hill Boxing.